Cookies & Cream

Cookies & Cream Cookies & Cream

Hungry for cookies? Barbara has a tasty one between the woman legs.
Barbara is quite the small baker. Two times a week she bakes a group of snacks to offer at school. “I also bake desserts and pastries, but men and women seem to like my cookies the absolute most. They always offer aside.” The cookie between the woman feet can also be in sought after, but hardly ever available. “Sometimes men is going to make jokes about consuming my cookie. The men my age are dumb. I recently roll my eyes. Bit do they already know that i favor older males to consume my cookie. Someone who will in actuality consume it right rather than building a mess!”

are you currently with several older males? That which was it like?
“I’d a flirtation having instructor that never went beyond that. He presented straight back. I’m waiting till We graduate to see if we could be one thing even more. There is much sexual stress between united states. I leave their course with wet panties. Besides that, i have already been having a neighbor who’s 43. He was the only just who gave me my first climax and revealed me that older men may be truly sexy. While all my buddies at school are considering the attractive young men within our class, i am examining their particular dads! Older men learn how to treat a lady and just how to offer her satisfaction. Younger guys are just fumbling around down there clueless!”

How did you wind up starting up with this neighbor?
“Funny enough-he wished some snacks! We moved over truth be told there to drop some off. He attempted certainly one of my snacks and viewing him consume it straight away made myself think of him consuming me aside. I informed him I had something else nice he could eat. Then he transpired on me for a long period. When he emerged, his face had been covered in my own lotion.”

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